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stenosis n : abnormal narrowing of a bodily canal or passageway [syn: stricture] [also: stenoses (pl)]

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  • /stɛˈnəʊsɪs/


  1. An abnormal narrowing or stricture in a blood vessel or other tubular organ.

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A stenosis (plural: stenoses; from Ancient Greek στένωσις, "narrowing") is an abnormal narrowing in a blood vessel or other tubular organ or structure. It is also sometimes called a "stricture" (as in urethral stricture).
Stenoses of the vascular type are often associated with a noise (bruit) resulting from turbulent flow over the narrowed blood vessel. This bruit can be made audible by a stethoscope. Other, more reliable methods of diagnosing a stenosis are imaging methods including ultrasound, Magnetic Resonance Imaging/Magnetic Resonance Angiography, Computed Tomography/CT-Angiography which combine anatomic imaging (i.e. the visible narrowing of a vessel) with the display of flow phenomena (visualization of the movement of the bodily fluid through the bodily structure).


The resulting syndrome depends on the structure affected.
Examples of vascular stenotic lesions include:
Stenoses/strictures of other bodily structures/organs include:
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